Latest Cases

Latest Cases

Commercial Law:

1- A large Turkish company transacting with an Egyptian Company based in the UAE for textile materials. The container arrived in Istanbul with nothing in it. The payment was already done in full. The company based in Dubai, closed down and eradicated all trace. Everquest Legal team helped the Turkish client as a mediator between the Turkish Courts, Dubai Courts and Department of Economic Development. The case continues in the Turkish Courts.

2- An online textile company who received goods from their suppliers in Turkey, failed to pay a substantial amount on the contractual obligations. Everquest legal team helped the client with reaching an amicable arrangement for the payment to be made.

3- Everquest helped many companies with the setting up of off-shore companies within the UAE, representative offices, and consulting firms.

Labour Law: 

Everquest helped with 23 employee employer disputes in the UAE in the past 10 months. Most of the situations were rather convoluted but Everquest was very supportive of the victims in these cases.

Family Law:

Everques takes a very active role in helping couples resolve their family law issues without getting to court. Our team takes a very human approach when helping the families in difficulties.

Criminal Law:

Everquest is the first point of contact for many consulates when their citizens need legal advice. Our team is made up of multilingual lawyers which makes it easier for victims to seek help.

Inheritance and Estate Planning:

Everquest organised a number of free information sessions so that expats and non Muslims in particular can get help with respect to what will happen to their children should something happen to them. Our next such conference is taking place in September 2016 in Gloria Hotel.