Legal Services

Legal Services

The  Lawyers  and  Legal  Consultants  associated with Everquest Ventures  are highly  skilled  in  a  wide  array  of  legal

disciplines  tailored  to  suit  our  clients’  needs.  The main areas of the firm’s practice are as follows:


We  provide  extensive  legal  services  in  all  branches  of  commercial  codes  including  selling, buying,  import,  export,  transportation,  brokerage  and  security  laws  and  regulations.  We  can also  provide  potential  investors  with  an  extensive  survey  with  regards to  procuring  a  safe  and stable investment and return, including a negotiation strategy. We have strong Litigation team which can help to recover the bad debts by legally possible ways including Litigation.CIVIL LAW

Civil  law  regulates  the  daily  life  of  individuals,  establishments  and  companies.  Our associate firm specializes in all aspects of civil law including but not limited to compensation, debt collection, breach of contracts and more.  Our  firm  has  experience  in  dealing  with  insurance  cases and  renders  legal  services  in  all  areas,  including  motor,  fire,  life  and  industrial  insurance.

We also have      experience      with      compensation      cases      specifically      resulting      from   insurance   contract litigations.


U.A.E criminal law is a federal law derived from several provisions of Islamic Sharia Law. Our office has a team of lawyers who represent clients accused of federal crimes and criminal offenses in the U.A.E. Our lawyers are trained to handle cases from police investigation to prosecution and finally in criminal court.  We  have  an  expert  team  to  bail  out  an  accused  and  submit  memos and  pleadings  related  to  all  sorts  of  crime  and  to  conduct  the  trial.  We extend  our  support to our  clients  on  all  crimes  and  to  all  levels  of  courts.  We guarantee  that  our  clients  are represented  fairly,  legally  and  fully  throughout  the  entire  justice  process  and  we  assure  to safeguard their interest to the maximum.


We  provide  comprehensive  legal  advice  in  both  strategic  transactions  and  on  day-to-day issues faced  by  our  clients.  Each  of  our  commercial  lawyers  works  closely  with  our  clients’ business  and  provide  them  timely  advice  to  get  over  on  existing  or  apprehended  issues.  We used  to  advise  them  about  the  proper  vehicle  for  investments  and  the  areas  to  focus.  Among many other agreements, to name a few;

  • Memorandum of   Associations(MOU);
  • Distributorship Agreements;
  • Agency agreements;
  • Supplier agreements;
  • Franchise agreements;
  • Trust deeds;
  • Facilities management  agreements;
  • Investment agreements;
  • Advertising and  marketing  agreements;
  • Joint ventures;
  • Mergers & Acquisitions;
  • Share Transfer agreements etc.

(Main land, Free zones, onshore as well as Offshores)

We  have  well  experienced  team  of  lawyers  who  can  advise  on  the  investors  with  the  right structure  and  to  provide  all  the  necessary  support  for  the  incorporation.  Our lawyers were instrumental  in  forming  a  lot  of  structures  all  over  the UAE,  onshore  as  well  as  offshores.  We  can provide  all  the  necessary  support  to  form  any  company  in  the  mainland  or  in  any  of  the  Free Zones.


The United Arab Emirates is an important maritime outlet for the Middle East; maritime trade and  transport  account for  75%  of  major  commercial  transactions  around  the  world.  Therefore  the  maritime-  related  legal  services  are  of  crucial  importance  to  our  firm.  Our Admiralty legal division provides an efficient legal support in maritime disputes resolution and drafting all types of maritime contracts.  We employ our professional expertise together with  prompt  action  to carry out procedures and take decisions in shipping claim.


A Will may be the only possible way to expect your wishes to be respected with regard to your assets in the UAE. It is a common understanding that the UAE courts adhere to the Sharia law in respect of the distribution of assets of a non-Muslim UAE expat where he or she dies without a Will in place. Our lawyers specialize in this arena of estate planning for our huge clientele.


Our  experience,  quality  of  our  work  and  passion  for  innovation  differentiate  our  intellectual property  lawyers.    We are committed to helping start-ups and multinationals protect their valuable intellectual property. We can support all our clients to register their TM, Copyrights & Patents in UAE as well as in the GCC.  Our commercial awareness is the key in helping our clients in a constantly evolving marketplace. We take a cutting edge approach in our work and provide innovative and tailor-made intellectual property advice to our clients.  We advise our clients on the commercialization of their intellectual property through licensing, merchandizing and other applications. We also assist them through the IP aspects associated with mergers and acquisitions.


Personal law services cover mainly divorce, child custody, alimony and more. The governing of marital  disputes  is  available  via  a  group  of  relevant  experts  in  family  law  and  international competence.  Our  firm  is  committed  to  the  sensitive  handling  of  all  cases  with  regards  to  the handing over and attestation of documents to relevant parties. Personal and family law can be a distressing prospect.  We,  always  seek  to  make  the  legal  process  as  clear  and  smooth  as possible for our clients.


Arbitration  is  the  simplest  policy  used  to  resolve  disputes  amicably  worldwide.  Our  firm  is associated  with  qualified  attorneys  whose  mission  is  to  deal  with  arbitration  procedures  and proceedings  inside  and  outside  the  U.A.E.  Our  associate  partner,  handle  many  cases  at  the Dubai  International  Arbitration  Centre  (DIAC),  dealing  with  property,  civil  and  commercial disputes. Our timely advice has helped our clients from apprehended risks.


A    lot    of    our    work    has    a    multi-disciplinary    flavor    but    our    lawyers    have    a    clear understanding of the real estate sector.  Team work is one of our strengths.  We  take  pride  in ourselves  for  our  ability  to  form  successful  working  relationships  not  only  with  our  clients, but  also  with  contractors,  consultants,  project  managers  and  other  advisers.  We  focus  on getting  the  deal  done  and  on  protecting  our  clients’  interests  in  a  timely  and  cost-effective manner.

Our  clients  purchase,  sell,  finance,  lease  and  develop  real  estate  property  of  all  types.

We regularly advise clients on:

  1. Real estate related joint ventures
  2. Mergers & acquisitions of real estate based businesses.
  3. Restructurings of troubled loans and projects
  4. Project developments and other forms of land use
  5. Long-term and short-term leases for residential, commercial and retail properties.
  6. Other residential and commercial property transactions

Further we appear for and on behalf of our clients in various courts to move or defend litigations on real estate matters.


Our  lawyers  have  vast  experience  in  dealing  with Labour law matters  for  the  employers  as  well  as employees and  have  proven  track  records.  Non-competition  and  non-disclosure  terms  are always  under  strict  scrutiny  of  the  courts  and  our  lawyers  were  highly  successful  in  protecting the interest of our clients.